Co-Pilot™ Features

Track Pump Location

With built-in GPS tracking, Co-Pilot keeps track of your pump’s current location and helps guard against loss, misuse, or theft of equipment.l

Plan Maintenance

Integrated vibration and temperature monitoring provides insight into pump performance for planning maintenance such as replacing bearings, wear rings, and seals.

Check Operation

External connections provide inputs for pressure and flow monitoring, start/stop operations, and more.

Reduce Manual Inspections

Use the mobile app on your phone or tablet to see real-time pump data from any location with wifi or cell service. Use the web-based portal anywhere an internet connection is present for monitoring from a desktop computer or laptop.

Document Run Conditions

Protect against pump misuse or track problems over time. Co-Pilot will keep monitoring and storing run-time data even when the pump is out of cell range.

Improve Pump Lifespan

Set up and receive alerts for running conditions outside of determined parameters. Co-Pilot alerts can save the life of your pump by warning about problems that require prompt attention.